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Everything in regards to childfree homes.
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Welcome to cf_household.

This is a community to discuss everything in relation to your household; cleaning, cooking, money management and so on.
But there's a catch, it's for childfree people only, so you won't find any baby/child/parent related posts here. In fact it was specifically created to avoid child-related questions.

What is childfree?
Childfree is a lifestyle in which people do not have children and unlike childless people, childfree people never want children of their own. People's reasons for not wanting children vary, but all are valid.

No hit and run plugging allowed; joining for the sole purpose of plugging an (unrelated) community or site and then leaving. For normal members plugging is allowed as long as the community/site subjectmatter is related to the subjectmatter of this community.

Disabling comments on posting is not allowed, nor is screening or deleting comments.
If someone is trolling please alert the moderator so appropriate action can be taken.

Make photos friend-list friendly; Don't post any photos larger than 600x600 pixels unless you put them behind a cut. Multiple photos should also be put behind a cut.
Pictures of intimate bodyparts or depictions thereof should be cut and posted in locked posts as stated in the LJ TOS.
Posts breaking this rule may be removed without notification at the moderator's discretion.

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Moderated by merciless thaily
I will take applications for mods if the community picks up.
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