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New + question on time management

Hi all :) Sithy, 20, thirdyear archaeology student specialising in all things dead, proud rat owner and together with a childfree guy. Thaily pointed me out to this comm. I'm a big fan of 'domestic' communities but I often find them a bit too child centered for my tastes. I asked the following question in another community and though I got some great and very helpful answers, I also got a few 'well I have a child, so..' which irked me a little. (And a few that didn't.)

Without rambling on..I have a big issue with time management. Archaeologic fieldwork leaves little to no time in your day: you leave at 6 AM and get back at 6 PM. Even without fieldwork I spend a lot of time on reports and regular uni work such as translating Hieroglyphs, reading about ancient Germanics and so on. This all takes a lot of time, but it's time I'll gladly spend. My problem is that all the little things I should do around my house pile up. I keep up with:

- cleaning the rat cage
- vacuuming around the rat cage
- Meal plans to avoid daily trips to the grocery store -and- to save money
- Dishes/kitchen (I clean after cooking, I love love cooking so that has never been an issue)
- Laundry

But a lot of stuff just gets..left behind. I got tips such as 'set up a routine' but...where do I even start? I'd love to be one of those super organised people that has everything in one place, but I'm having a hard time doing it alongside my work. I've been advised to take 15 minutes out of each day to do a specific task. Now what are the tasks around the house that you find easy and quick to do? What should I do at least once a week? I'd love to have a more organised desk for example, but stuff always seems to fly around there while I work...
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