frodannah (frodannah) wrote in cf_household,

Marker off plastic?

 I decided to make a dry-erase board with a regular frame (it's approximately 2x3) because I read that dry erase markers work on glass as well.  I papered the inside part with a cream colored confetti paper so I could see what I was to write clearly.  I was about to put it all together and nail it up - and then I realized the glass part isn't glass - it's plastic.  No matter, right?  Wrong.  I had tried the dry erase marker and it worked fine, so I set it all up and wrote some things, but the next day when I went to erase something, the words wouldn't budge.  I tried scrubbing with a regular cleaner and the regular eraser thing but I can't get the words off.  I'd rather this not be an effort wasted because I really like the way this looks, so does anyone know how to get marker off plastic?  (Scrubbing with the eraser actually did more than the cleaner, but only removed a top layer.  The cleaner did nothing, basically.)  Thanks for any suggestions in advance.
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