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Hiii, a new community [how exciting]! I'm Ash. I'm pretty sure I spotted a few people on the userinfo that are on my friendslist so I will only post it here and not in my journal to save you the reading.

My boyfriend and I live in a fairly large three-bedroom house, with quite a lot of pets. 13 mice, a rat, and a snake [snakey does not eat my mice/rat, he gets bought ones]. I have five tanks for my mice which are quite large, I had to seperate two boys due to fighting so they got a tank each, I've got another tank of just boys that were all from the same litter, a tank full of girls [my "nunnery" or "whorehouse", depending on my mood :P] and a slightly smaller tank for a baby housemouse that I have adopted but have kept quarantined between rooms. The rat lives on the other side of our kitchen as its a big room, downwind from the aircon of the mice so the smell of rat doesn't freak them out. The snake lives in the hottest room of the house because he likes it that way and it saves us on electricity, which is one of the bedrooms [boyfriends study].

I have noticed that no matter what I've done there seems to just be a smell in the air. it's not "mouse pee smell", its the kitty litter, and its not unpleasant, it just smells like paper, or 'old house', but I'm sort've a bit sick of it.

Would it be easier for me to stagger all the tanks across the house in different rooms, once summer is over? At the moment they HAVE to stay in the kitchen because that's the closest to the aircon, but during winter I may move them to different rooms to sort of diffuse the smell...but I'm not entirely sure they're the ones causing it.

Has anyone had any experience using non-commercial air fresheners? The ones I've tried just make my house smell either like a hospital or like a soccer mum's mansion and I just want something fresh and sweet, like mint or vanilla, something like that, and preferably natural- I HATE lavender and potpourri, and get sick at the smell of both and most air fresheners have one or both of those in there. I don't care if it's poisonous because obviously there are no little fingers that are going to be in it [my mice don't escape and my boyfriends cleverer than to put his fingers in liquid and taste them, I hope] but I just want something that just makes the house smell FRESH.

Could I put mint essential oil in the water that I wash the floors with, or put a few drops of it in some cornflour and sprinkle it on the carpet and vacuum it up? My zoo needs attention! I am a bit of a clean freak so the floors get washed twice a week and the house is vacuumed whenever I feel like it [sometimes five times a week if I'm PMSy] and the pets are cleaned twice weekly, so it's nothing I'm not cleaning, the house just smells....musty and old. Probably because it is, hahah.

[Last time I asked for help a couple told me to sprinkle baby powder on the carpets and vacuum it so I could smell the 'sweetness of baby' everywhere...augh no thanks]

Any suggestions?
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