Thaily Brimstone (thaily) wrote in cf_household,
Thaily Brimstone

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It's officially spring

You guys still/already cleaning?

I'm not sure if you were supposed to clean before or during spring, but either way I'm still going at it. I gave away two boxes and a trash bag full of good stuff to a thrift store and I've thrown about 8 bags worth of crap from the bedroom alone, which I'll need to repaint and wallpaper etc. after I'm done.

My CFBF is skeptical I'll be able to clean and sand the floorboards down after we've pulled up the carpet (which was glued directly on to the boards, well done former owners) but I'm pretty sure I can get it off with some rough sandpaper and elbow grease.
Nevertheless, if anyone has additional hints I'd be much obliged.
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